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Sitemap © Copyright 2012 CleverSil are a specialist manufacturer and compounder of high consistency quality silicone rubber for the cable & wire and tube & hose manufacturing industry's growing requirement for complex silicone insulation materials. Our current facilities provide a capacity of almost 4,000 metric tonnes of silicone rubber compound per annum; however we can process minimum quantities of 100kg. Quality Assured We have extensive research and development labs with inhouse personnel and a multitude of external technical resources at our call to develop just the silicone you need. Our labs are able to test and report on – Tensile Strength, Extrusion rate, Temperature and Flame resistance, Shore hardness, Elongation, Tear strength, Volume resistivity – all colours available and with UV protection if required. Our range of pre and post material manufacture test facilities are second to none. With many test procedures supported by advanced automated computerised test calibration and setting - before a test can be performed and final performance test reports generated automatically - removing the potential for variable set up, configuration and reporting errors. Contact us now to discuss how we can help